To this day, plastic has become indispensable in . GreenLina meets the needs through its innovation of a naturally degradable plastic with minimal environmental footprint.

Plastic bags for Supermarket
Plastic bag for all your brand(s)
Container for yoghurt, salad, …

Plastic wrap

This plastic-wrap is in compliance with the food-processing and accredited by SGS organism. Ideally, for the packaging of your fresh foods such as: fruits, meats, vegetables and more. Delivery on roll. The size and length of the rolls are discussed according to the customer’s needs.

Plastic bag for all your brand(s)

Using GreenLina shopping bags is a step to clean the planet against the traditional plastic bags. All of our products are with a unique composite without foodstuff. Enter in the new era using this natural degradable plastic. Thickness between 20 to 80 my

Container for yoghurt, salad, …

Choosing GreenLina solution and its composite naturally degradable, your containers are still robust and your company favorite the innovation in the plastic fields. Different size and thickness are available for your assortment: yoghurt, salads, bottles, shampoo, household’s products, and even more according customer’s needs. All request will be seriously evaluated.
Shrink-wrap for Goods & Pallet

That shrink-wrap can be used to pack yours pallet as well as suitcases or even goods. Ideally, for the airport or transport company. We can adapt such product for farmer too. Delivery on roll. The size and length of the rolls are discussed according to the customer’s needs.

Trash bag

The trash bags exists in different colors like: black, grey or red and the volume start from 17l to 800l. One of the GreenLina strength is our adaptability to meet customer’s needs, as well as for the color, size or even the thickness. GreenLina is naturally, flexible. Our thickness between 20 to 70 my.

Silage and Mulching film

Mineral based silage and mulching film from Greenlina is simply the most sustainable alternative for ecological farming.